Thursday, September 18, 2014


The past few days have been quiet walking days. Nothing real exciting, kind of breaking into a nice rythem. Up and walking by 6 am. A few hours if walking before breakfast at the first open cafe I come across, and some more walking to the villiage I'm shooting for for the evening. A shower, do some laundry and hang it out to dry some lunch and a nice siesta. Later in the evening some exploring and some dinner. Sleep and repeat. 

I've been wslking with some really nice folks the lady few days!  Theresa from Berlin, George from Virginia, and Brian and Stephanie a great couple also from Virginia. Brian and Stephanie are on an around the world trip and have been traveling for over a year already. Theresa moved on today, needed to get more miles in in order to be finished on time. George also went on a villiage or 2 beyond where the rest of us stopped today. I've been averaging about 15 miles a day. 

I'll try posting some more pics and see how it goes. 

I'm praying for you all, please continue praying for me!
George and Theresa
Santiago(St. James)
Entering the province of Rioja. Nice wine region. 
Amazing church in Navarette 
Breakfast this am. (Already walked about 6 miles). 



  1. Dear Fr. Moses, I was worried about you. I was about to call the monastery to see how you were. I'm glad you are ok. with prayers, Rita

  2. Rita. Thanks for your concern! I don't always have internet accesses to update the blog, but will do as often as I can! Pray for me!

  3. Thanks for sharing Abouna! You're in my thoughts and prayers and I ask you to keep me, a sinner, in yours as you continue on your pilgrimage journey! You are giving me renewed hope I can do this pilgrimage myself one day.

  4. As you enter into the mystery of God's Presence in the "ordinary-rhythm" of the journey, you gently encourage and invite us to recognize and reverence the One who travels with us in every moment, every encounter of our lives.
    Each of the photos you posted invites us to dive gently into the present and to taste and see how Good The Lord is!
    It's such a privilege to pray with and for you as each new day takes you physically closer to the Church of St. James; while the inner journey brings all of us together closer to the mystery of God 's Love and the process of Theosis that Love works and unfolds and transforms our life into.