Friday, October 17, 2014


Arrival at the Cathedral !

Current restoration in the nave. 

Relics of St. James. 

Looking into the dome. 

Statue of St. James the pilgrim. 

Franciscan church where I revived a certificate for walking the Camino during the 800th anniversary year of St. Francis walking to Santiago. 
The traditional hugging of Santiago!

I'm in Madrid tonight and fly home tomorrow!
Thanks for all your prayers!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Tarte de Santiago!
Entering the province of Galicia!

An horreo.  A very interesting way of preserving corn. The structures are everywhere along the way in Galicia and some are quite ornate. 

Helping a local woman shuck corn to feed the pigs!

11th cent chapel we stopped in this morning. 

2 more days to Santiago!  Please keep the prayers coming!  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Random pics from today.

Some random pics from today's walk. Into Galicia tomorrow, although the weather is already starting to change. Cold and damp today with a soft Celtic rain. 

Praying for you all. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Can't believe it's been a week since posting last!

Been walking another week!  Getting close!  Lots of mountain walking as well as a rest day in the beautiful city of Leon! Past the Cruse de Ferro yesterday and prayed for you all!  Keep up the prayers for me. 

On the Meseta. 
The famous Bar Elvis!  Great music and a nice lunch. 
Leon cathedral. 
Retablos in Leon Cathedral. 
Beautiful Gothic Leon Cathedral. The stained glass was amazing. 
More beautiful farmland. 
Cruse de Ferro (iron cross). Left a stone from St. Nazianz and prayed for you all. 
Castle of the Knights Templar in Panferrata. 

More castle. 

One more!

Pray for me!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Still walking!

Getting enough internet to actually post something has been a bit difficult for the last week or so. Everyone checking in to the albergues gets onto the wifi making it almost impossible to do anything. I'm going to try getting this ready as a draft and then sending it out later on during the night when everyone is sleeping. Maybe that will work. We'll see!

Visited the city of Burgos the other day and have been walking along the Meseta a long relatively flat plain where a lot of wheat and sunflowers are grown. 

Spent a night in a 15th cent hermitage, now set up as an albergue run by an Italian confreternity. The hermitage has no electricity, we were welcomed with a foot washing ritual, and a delicious candlelit dinner. 

Last night I stayed in an albergue run by Augustinian nuns. A beautiful Mass and pilgrims blessing and a great pot luck dinner. 

Off to Sahugan tomorrow. 
Statue of Santiago in the Hermtage of St. Nicholas. 
Candlelit dinner in the hermitage of St. Nicholas. 
Hermitage of St. Nicholas
Outside of St. Nicholas hermitage. 
Along the Castille canal. 
A church built by the Knights Templar. 
Retablos in the Knights Templar church. 
Outside of Knights Templar church. 
Dinner with the Augustinian nuns in Carrion de Los Condes. 
The vast Meseta.