Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Interesting Ecumenical encounter today!

So today while sitting in line with other clergy to bathe in the Lourdes water they sat a Greek Orthodox monk from Mt. Athos next to me. 

It seems this monk has cancer and decided, with his Abbots blessing, to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes. 

Imagine my surprise when he asked this Uniate monk to pray the Rosery with him!  I figured he must be a convert to Orthodoxy but it turns out he is a native Greek, and up until about 5 years ago very anti Catholic. He now has a deep love for his Western brethren, and prays for the Unification of the Churches. 

Please pray for Fr. Elutherious, and for the day we are once again part if the One undivided Church!

Glory to God!


  1. Abouna, that's just too awesome! Even more awesome is the Orthodox monk got you to pray the rosary, lol!

    1. Ha ha Jessica! I prayed about 6 roseries today, and even remember all the prayers ( I think)!

  2. I am keeping you close in prayer! Throw a few up for me in holy places along the way!!!! :) Love you!

  3. Yesssss, well, I was going to suggest that you visit our Melkite parish in Paris, St. Julien Le Pauvre very near to Notre Dame...but it appears that you have prayed enough rosaries for one trip;-) AND I am delighted that Father Maximos will now have something to do to pass the long hours at his new occupation! "Ol' Macdonald" has only so many verses! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Thank you for your witness to the world. Have a blessed pilgrimage.

  5. Wishing you a very holy pilgrimage! If you'd pray for the speedy sale of our house, we'd be grateful.

  6. We love you, Father. Keep the Tenney Family in your prayers. Awesome post, keep writing!

  7. Dear Fr. Moses,
    Thank you for sharing, for this just lifts one mind and heart ever more to God.
    Yes, prayers for Fr. Elutherious as well as for a cure for cancer.
    Please pray for my cousin in France, age 49, 4 children,
    cancer of the liver.
    I'm sure the monks "back home" miss your most scrumptious culinary delights, but most of all, I know they miss you for you.
    Fr. Moses, you mentioned going to some place? I am not familiar with it? Can you tell us about it?
    How can I pass up the gift of prayer? Yes, please remember me in your prayers that I may love Our Lord more and more.
    I WILL pray for you as you journey (I'd better stop...or I'll go on and on).
    in Christ, with prayers, Rita (McKillip) Milwaukee
    (PS This is my first time submitting a comment to a "blog."
    I'm not sure if you will get this.)

    1. opps.....my cousin's name is Leila.

    2. Thanks Rita! I'll be praying for your intentions!

      Keep an eye on the blog for updates about where I'm going.

    3. Yes, Fr. Moses, will do. Thank you! I hope you are well. Traveling can be quite demanding. Yes, I have been thinking to myself: I wonder where Fr. Moses is today?! with prayers, in Christ, Rita