Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hola Spain!

After a great dinner and a good nights sleep I started day 2 over the Pyrenees. 

View back into France
Our Ladyof Orisdon. This statue was carried to this location by Basque shepherds from Lourdes about 100 years ago. 
Up up up!
First mile marker to Santiago!
Border crossing into Spain. Why is the flag of Puerto Rico hanging here? 
An emergency shelter. 
The decent into Roncesvalles. 
The abbey church in the Augustinian monastery in Rocesvalle. 
Inside the 9th cent. Church of Our Lady of Roncesvalles.
Santiago Peragrion inside the Abbey Church in Roncesvalles. 

Only 1 small blister so far. Feeling great. 
Pray for me!  

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