Sunday, October 12, 2014


Tarte de Santiago!
Entering the province of Galicia!

An horreo.  A very interesting way of preserving corn. The structures are everywhere along the way in Galicia and some are quite ornate. 

Helping a local woman shuck corn to feed the pigs!

11th cent chapel we stopped in this morning. 

2 more days to Santiago!  Please keep the prayers coming!  


  1. Can I expect to see an horreo next to your new outside oven on the monastery property when I visit again? I hope that this time has been fulfilling for you and that you are looking forward to returning home.

  2. Dear Fr. Moses,
    Lovely pictures. I hope you received the recipe for the Tarte de Santiago?! All of this is new to me, so know that your experiences will continue to impact me (and I'm sure others) in ways yet unknown to us. We share in your experiences. I know you carry us all in prayer, and so, part of us is there as well. I look forward to Santiago myself, although I don't know what to expect! Yes, yes, with prayers for you, safe journeys and (I can't say it here), but I know God knows........... take care, Rita